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Focused On Optimizing Circulating Klotho With Patented Bioelectric Signaling Controlled Protein Expressions

“No other team has been working longer on regeneration research. We celebrated our 40th anniversary this year. We regenerated our first heart in 1988.”

Howard J Leonhardt, Co-Founder

Our mission is to empower you to achieve optimal vitality and longevity through our unique patented health optimization programs.


BodStim – bioelectric body suit
ErectiStim – male sexual health


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We have many products that stimulate the repair and regeneration of tissues and organs


Patented SkinStim TM with Stimulus Face Maxx LIONESS SKIN REGENERATION TREATMENT. No other facial and neck skin treatment matches this one. Patented technologies not available anywhere else.

  • Regenerates Collagen
  • LED Photo Therapy
  • Inflammation Reduction
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90% off Normal Pricing!

(normal cost would exceed $5888 for 12 weeks of 2X a week treatment sessions)

Lionheart has teamed with Index Health to offer an option for Online Functional Medicine Services to our clients from certified physicians


Up to 10X higher klotho expression compared to regular exercise.

The BodStim suit, developed by BioLeonhardt Whole Body, is a revolutionary wearable technology that uses bioelectric signals to enhance physical fitness and potentially increase longevity [2, 3]. The suit is designed to be worn during exercise and uses bioelectric pulses to stimulate muscle contractions, promoting muscle growth, repair, and recovery. It also increases circulation and boosts metabolism for 48 to 72 hours, promoting fat loss.

One of the key features of the BodStim suit is its ability to stimulate the production of Klotho, a protein associated with healthy aging and longevity. High levels of Klotho are believed to provide protection against major diseases, including heart disease and cancer, and to promote metabolic, neurological, and anti-inflammatory health.

In addition to its fitness benefits, the BodStim suit shows significant promise for enhancing longevity. Extensive testing has shown that wearing the BodStim suit for 40 minutes while exercising provides benefits equivalent to exercising for two to three hours without one. This makes the BodStim suit a potentially powerful tool for individuals seeking to improve their physical fitness and overall health.

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